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Welcome to SoccerWinTips. This site will always remain free, in order to help Asian Handicap punters all over the world, to beat the bookmakers. These Free Soccer Tips are released by international soccer betting experts from Hong Kong, China, Macau, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain & Australia. However, please use extreme caution when using our Free Soccer Picks. These Free Soccer Tips cannot always guarantee winnings, so please use as a reference only. Past performance of any services does not necessarily indicate or guarantee similar future performance.

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Free Soccer Tips Asian Handicap Odds are obtained directly from 188Bet.com, the World's Leading Online Asian Handicap Odds Bookmaker. All Asian Handicap Odds posted hereby are available online with 188Bet.com, so there's no need for viewers to look elsewhere for Asian Handicap Odds! Why view odds that you cannot obtain from your bookmaker? Asian Handicap Odds tends to fluctuate wildly closer to match kick off time, according to punters buying pattern and other market forces, so please check with 188Bet.com for the latest Asian Handicap Odds before making your final decision or placing your bets.

Notice: All date/times posted on this website subject to GMT+0800 (Hong Kong time) unless otherwise indicated.

What is Asian Handicap Odds?
Asian Handicap Odds Betting, as the name implies originates from Asia by bookmakers, or more popularly known as "bookies" who offer a better chance of winning than conventional fixed odds (1X2) betting. The popularity of this form of betting which has started in Asia has spread to the West, especially in the UK, with many online bookmakers catering for this type of betting odds.

Asian Handicaps Odds Betting vs Fixed Odds Betting
With Asian Handicap Odds Betting (also called "Hang Cheng"), it eliminates the possibility of a draw result. The perceived weaker team will get a handicap from the bookies to balance the odds so that is an equal probability for each team to win the game. There will be only two outcomes for the bet, "home win" or "away win". "Handicaps" means that a perceived weaker team has received a virtual head start, effectively leading the game with 0/0.5 goal, 0.5 goal, 0.5/1 goal, 1 goal, 1/1.5 goal, etc.

Advantages of Asian Handicap Odds Betting
You eliminate the possibility of a draw result, increasing your main winning chance from 33.3% to 50% in a single game. Depending on the handicaps you can win your bet even if the team you bet on don't win the game. You can bet on a team you believe will lose the game, but because of a big handicaps you can still win the bet. Typical here is when the favourite team wins the game with only one goal. When following a live match on TV, tension is always very high since a single goal can take you from losing to winning (or the other way around). If you place multiple bets (accumulator), the number of possible outcomes is much less than in fixed odds (home/draw/away bets. Example for a treble bet, where all 3 selections must be correct). The number of outcomes is 2 x 2 x 2 = 8. With fixed odds betting the number of outcomes is 3 x 3 x 3 = 27.


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